A World of Possibilities.

That’s what seems to be staring me back in the face whenever I look at a dash for the first time.  This is the bike that I’ll be racing this season.  I’ve never ridden one at the track, an 848 Evo that is.  Quite frankly, I have no idea whether or not we’ll even get along.  But, for some reason…  I just have a feeling that we will.  I’m not gonna lie, those are big words coming from a guy who’s not been to the track in quite some time.

However, for now all of that is irrelevant.  For now, this readout is simply an invitation to a new world, or at the very least an invitation to look at the world we already think we know in a slightly different way…  That alone is incentive enough to take a chance.

2 miles total.

Brand new.

Let’s go.

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  1. When the sun is highest it casts the least shadow.

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