CCR Episode 1

Finally, we have the first episode of CCR up for you to check out. We sincerely hope you enjoy the spirit in which it was made.

More to come!

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  1. I congratulate you john, incredible talent for telling a story and congratulations for your first place in the race!
    greetings from italy!

  2. Hey John,
    I am an avid track day rider and only competed in two novice races years ago back in LRRS and you sparked that flame again. I just found this on a motorcycle forum and immediately saw both parts and the other shorts and it inspired me. Though the season is now done for me since I live in NYC, I will be keeping an eye out on your work and keeping my bike ready for next season. I have a couple of friends that have been asking me to go racing and I think this was the final push.
    Thanks again and please keep us posted on new videos and news.
    Rick Crespo

  3. Stephanie Fowler

    So proud of you! Follow your dreams…
    I’m going to follow this blog! Great work. Lots of love, your pal Steph F.

  4. Hallo daar,

    Leuke site met mooie en professionele filmpjes, helemaal geweldig. Wij doen het wat rustiger en rijden daarom op een Harley Davidson. Ik heb al 10 jaar een eigen Harley Davidson Club en inmiddels ook lid van de Europese Federatie van Harley Davidson.

    Ride and have fun

    Peter & Heidi de Bruyn
    The Nederlands

  5. Hallo daar,

    Leuke site met zeer professionele filmpjes. Helemaal geweldig. Wij doen het wat rustiger aan en rijden op onze Harley. Ik heb 10 jaar geleden een club opgericht en inmiddels lid van de Europese Federatie van Harley Davidson.

    We blijven jullie volgen.

    Ride and have fun.

    Peter & Heidi de Bruyn
    The Netherlands

  6. John, beautiful, inspiring, uplifting! We’re so proud of you for taking steps most are scared to do. Hope we get to watch one of your races soon!! We can make a road trip of it!

    Always proud and in awe of you..


  7. John,
    What a well thought and well narrated and directed piece of film. I’m going on 36 and this puts me into a frame of mind where I’d surely like to put the realities of life to the side and pick up on a dream of mine I had while growing up in New York and then the Bluegrass State. This is very inspiring and like I said, well thought of and well narrated film, that I’m ready to take action and put the pedal to the metal so to speak! If there’s a second piece to watch I’d sure like to continue the ride with you and follow your progression through the medium of film. Please let me know of any links I could go to, to keep the ride alive! Congrats my friend on your success and good luck to you on your future endeavors….
    Tom Patton

  8. John,

    It’s very clear to me that you are are a very driven, talented writer and athlete. We have a mutual friend I believe in Jake who asked me to take a peek at this film.
    I would like to find out via Jake what your plans are for further projects. By the way… I over the years never attempt anything unless I’m pretty damn good at it. Being a former Pro at a fucking goofy sport called Hockey certainly does not qualify me to remotely think I know what the hell it feels like going 175 on a crotch rocket, however I still regularly when on snow ski’s can make it from the top of Vail Mountain in Colorado at the summit to Lionshead in a little over 7 minutes! Ask someone who you might know skiing and that mountain how many people on earth can clock that time and I am certain it will be less than 200 people in the world. With that said, I admire what I just viewed and hope to meet someday.. Eddie Charpentier
    SharpLA Entertainment, LLC

    • Eddie,

      Thanks for the words, means a lot coming from a man who made his way in the world of Hockey and let me tell you the idea of having a puck shot at my face looking to make a home where my teeth want to live is a helluva lot scarier than staying in a tuck on the front straight, so I guess it’s all relative. Absolutely we have a mutual friend in Jake. Heard some about you already and looking forward to meeting you soon.
      Thanks again for checking in, and checking our project out.
      More to come!

      • Very insperational man, I am not a motorcycle racer but i do ride them. I am looking at the new 2012 1199 panigale from my 08 gsxr 750. Ive always wanted to gear up and head to the tack and see what I can give considering i have a passion in motorcycles and would like to pursue racing.. Maybe one day I’ll make the chance and get out there.. When is the next one? Cant wait to see more!


  9. Overall: great story telling. Excellent choice in music! Anything inspiring can be related back to Angels & Airwaves. Best of luck to you in the future; we know you’ll do great!


  10. Nice. You got Alpinestars to custom make you suits. That’s proper racing right there :) Lookin’ forward to episode 2. – Rune from Norway.

  11. Great video. Very inspirational. I’m very surprised you managed to pull off a victory the second race. Something definitely clicked in the first. I wish I could shake off the rust that fast. I’ll be sure to keep checking back for more.

    • Hey Zaron,
      Thanks for checking in. Yeah, I was extremely surprised to find myself out front to say the least. In fact, that was the first win that I’d ever had and to get it at the end of those kind of days was especially nice as I would have been happy just to circulate and hope to get a little confidence back. Looking back, I think a number of things helped… from the guy who spoke to me after race 1 about where to keep the 848 in the power band (I’m new to Ducati, and the L twin engine), to people like Tige Daane who took the time to really help me out, to just simply letting go… If interested, you can check out this link to get a more in depth glimpse as to the people who stepped up at the track to give me that boost, etc. Regardless, thanks so much for the words, and we will definitely have more coming your way soon!
      All the best,

  12. Excellent choice in music :]

  13. I’m not interested in motorcycles but this video is inspiring to say the least. I think the notion of getting back to the simplicity of doing something you love just for the pure enjoyment you get out of it is often overlooked and can really be applied in everyone’s life, including mine. I look forward to watching more!

  14. Your story conveys the emotions and feelings involved in racing, but also in any life changing / affirming effort to recapture a past or even a current or future dream. I felt like I was riding with you and the great camera work and spot on music provided just the right mix to bring about the magic of your pursuit. Great work John….keep at it.

  15. Great video!!! It’s light the spark for me to return to W.E.R.A.

  16. Awesome video and great story.

    • Hey David,
      Thanks so much for your words… means a lot to read. We’re gonna have more coming your way, for sure.
      All the best to you,

  17. This is such a beautiful and professionally done piece of work, John. Congratulations! Also, it provides so many answers about where you’re at in life, and that is so appreciated on many counts. I’ve only watched the video once through, but will likely watch it many times to check out the behind-the-scenes scenes and the race sequences, and the great long shots, etc. Again… wonderful work, and thrilling to know you’re reclaiming that side of yourself! It’s an honor to be acquainted, even remotely, with such a diversely talented man. Looking forward to further additions to your “oeuvre”. Cheers, to you and your family!!

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