Lookin’ Good

I’ve yet to become a decent liter bike rider…  quite frankly, it’s a lot of power for any man and while there is little else like knowing that you have at the end of your fingers the ability to make up for any blown corner by simply whacking the throttle open, such knowledge also comes with the awareness that as easily as you crack it open is potentially as easy as you get chucked off.  As one who has been chucked off, my awareness of such balances and subsequently my awareness of my ability get that balance wrong can be restricting.

Enter the tinted face-shield.

Here I am, on the back of an 1198S, doing my best to go as fast as I can, under the watchful eyes of guys twice as fast as I, feeling completely out of my league, and anticipating things going horribly wrong at the exit of every turn that I encountered.  Truth is, I was so overwhelmed by those factors that I probably shouldn’t have been out there “testing” as it were.  Wide eyes, quick breath and gritted teeth were about the only thing rattling around the inside of that helmet.

However, you’d never know it by this photo.  In fact, you might even think that I look alright.  Hell, you might even say that I’m looking pretty damn good.

Every time I see this shot it makes me think of some advice that an old cowboy gave me once when I was a horse wrangler back in Wyoming…  “Even if a fella doesn’t really know what he’s doing, as long as he looks good doing it, then he’s got a shot.”

Let’s just say I’m glad the tint on that face shield is about as dark as tint gets.

Doesn’t change the truth of what was going on inside.

At least I got a shot to get it right one day.

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  1. William Shakespeare: “I must be cruel, only to be kind Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.”

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