Sometimes broken rules make nice memories

Laguna Seca Moto GP, Saturday afternoon a few years ago…  Me and my favorite passenger here broke onto the racetrack with our good friend Jeff Weiner from Troy Lee Designs.  Jeff is a bit of a wonderful maniac and all he said as he tossed the keys to the Ruckus that he had just stolen from some race team into my hand was, “If they call after you to stop, just keep going dude.  Whatever you do, don’t stop.  You stop, you’re dead.”

Armed with that kind of marching order, we revved our respective 50cc engines and rode straight towards the waving hands of a track official who tried valiantly but ultimately failed to block the onslaught of Weiner rolling towards him, shouting, “You better get fuck outta the way, man!”  What could I do, but follow?

This photo was taken at the top of the Corkscrew.  Jorge Lorenzo is just out of frame.  He was giving an interview to a Spanish television presenter on the track.  They’d even brought a black leather couch to the top of the Corkscrew for him to sit on.  Needless to say, he was a little perplexed by our sudden presence, shortly followed by the pickup truck chasing us down.

They never caught us.  A V8 Chevy is no match for a 50cc Ruckus when it comes to corners.

Needless to say, the girl on the back was momentarily impressed…  Thanks, Jeff.

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